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**Jennifer is seeking additional sponsors **

Previous Sponsors:


Jennifer would like to thank Oxford Brookes University for their generous funding over the 2016/17 & 2017/18 years. She really cannot thank the University enough for all their fantastic help and huge support they have given her, and she truly could not have achieved as much as she has without their help.

Jennifer is seeking further sponsorship for the 2019 Eventing Season...Can YOU help?

As with all equine disciplines, Eventing requires a large amount of financial backing to enable you to suceed. This is not simply the costs of each competition, but fuel in combination with the training and horse care.

Therefore even a small financial contribution, or products such as feed or bedding would be hugely beneficial and play a large part in the difference between winning and losing.

Why sponsor a young Event rider?

By competing almost every weekend, and covering thousands of miles each year, Jennifer can offer you huge exposure of your brand, with maximum exposure including advertising on our horse trailer, and embroidered items of horse and rider clothing, worn not only at shows but on a day to day basis, including out training and hacking. Having been competing for a number of years Jennifer is well connected to many people, and it is a world where recommendations are one of the most important factors when changing the product you use. The potential market is huge. Horse’s show names, announced at competitions can also include the prefix of your company to increase exposure. Being one of the select few young riders on the GBR International Student Riding Squad, Jennifer is competing abroad, giving your brand international exposure in countries such as Canada, China, North Korea, South Africa. Jennifer also place competition videos on Youtube, and has a YouTube channel with over 1100 followers, and a total of almost 70,000 combined viewers on uploaded videos. Therefore by wearing branded clothing, your company can be advertised on a large scale, and to an international market.

Why sponsor me?

I am hugely dedicated, focussed and passionate about the sport of Eventing. I have never had the financial backing to be given a 'ready made' horse who has already been produced, and instead have produced young horses to a competition level. I have also always done the horses myself, having them on D.I.Y livery throughout school and now in during University. I have a huge will to succeed and through training the young horses and seeing their progression creates a strong and deep connection between the horse and rider, which I believe will ultimately lead to more success.

I proved this to an extent in June 2011 when I won the gold medal at the BUCS National Championships, a competition in which the best young riders in the UK (at University) compete in a competition focussed purely on rider skill. Borrowed horses are used to compete in advanced dressage tests and showjumping up to 1m 20, with only minutes to get a partnership with your horse before entering the arena. Other names on the trophy include many top class riders such as Emily Llewellen and Julie Tew, both who have since competed at the highest level (CCI****), and I also competed on this occasion against multiple riders who have competed up to CCI*** level. I believe this proves that with more financial backing and receiving the opportunities to ride talented horses, I can fulfil my ultimate goal to represent Great Britain in senior teams and compete at an Olympic Games. With your help I can, and will achieve this.


Syndicates are an extremely beneficial and cost effective way of being part of the exhilarating sport of eventing. Syndicates provide event horse owners with an opportunity to share the cost of eventing as well as the responsibilities that come with event horse ownership. With one small set monthly payment, being part of a syndicate could not be a more straightforward and less expensive way of being an owner. Entering into a syndicate provides an opportunity of going to the events and socialising with other people in the eventing industry. As a member of a syndicate you will have the opportunity to visit your horse at the yard on a regular basis as well as being able to contribute to your horses event plan. Syndicate members will also receive monthly newsletters as well as frequent communication with Jennifer . Overall being part of an eventing-syndicate provides a highly thrilling experience in which owners get the chance to pursue their dreams and realise their destinies.

A syndicate involves three or more owners becoming involved with one horse. This enables the opportunity to have a taste of owning a horse out competing in the 2016 Eventing season, across many renowned venues such as Chatsworth, Gatcombe, and Somerley International Horse Trials. The horse will be registered with a syndicate ownership, which allows syndicate holders to the full benefits of British Eventing Membership.

British Eventing membership is valid for a full year, to the first of the month when purchased, and your fee entitles you to third party liability insurance, limited medical insurance, membership card for entry to most events under 2* level and more. As a full member you will be able to keep right up to date with information on events, coaching opportunities and courses via the BE website, magazines and emails.

British Eventing competitions are run throughout the calender year from March to October, and are held at a number of prestigious and beautiful locations across the UK. They provide a fantastic opportunity to become involved within the excitement, thrill, and buzz of the competition, as well as a fantastic day out for all members of the family. The competition is divided into three sections; the dressage test, the show jumping phase, and what many say is the ultimate test; the cross country phase. The horse which has accumulated the fewest number of penalties throughout the competition is the overall winner.

Supporting your horse at an event whatever the level makes for a great day out, but imagine the thrill of seeing your horse mature from a baby at it’s first event to being an owner at Badminton or Burghley. We like our owners to be as involved as they want to be, if you would like to be ‘hands on’ helping with the horse at events that’s great, but equally we are very happy to provide coffee, food , wine and comfortable chairs for you to watch from the sidelines! One thing we do encourage though is as much involvement as possible so that all owners get the most enjoyment from their horse.

As well as enjoying watching your horse out competing in 2012, you are welcome to frequent yard visits and additional benefits including guided cross country course walks, and enjoy watching the best riders in the country compete on a regular basis.

From only the small payment of £50 per calendar month, you can enjoy the benefits, excitement and thrill behind owning a competition horse, and become involved in the action.


  • Free entry to events where your horse competes
  • Ability to visit your horse on a regular basis at the yard
  • Share of prize money directly proportioned to your share
  • Opportunity to contribute to horse's event plan
  • Proceeds from the sale of the horse are paid according to your percentage. Owning a 10% share requires a one-off initial payment of 1/10 of the horse's value, followed by a set monthy cost.
  • Highly thrilling experience
  • The fun of going to the events and socialising with other people in the eventing industry
  • Guided XC course walks
  • Monthly Updates
  • Affordable way to enjoy being an owner
  • Set Monthly cost
  • No further Charges
  • Good communication

How the Syndicate works

  • One set monthly cost.
  • Jennifer Galuszka is the agreed rider of the horse
  • The syndicate lasts for a minimum of 12 months
  • Selling policy - Serious offers must be agreed and voted by majority of the syndicate.
  • The syndicate “Drop-out clause” allows individuals to walk away with no financial liabilities



If you would like to know any further information about syndicate ownership, please contact me. For details, please view 'Contact Me' tab. Thank you.